Fishing Tips

Fishing Methods in Rompin

Targeting sailfish in Rompin needs both local knowledge and experience know how of where to find them. Most of these speedy predators can be located near FAD or coral structural area. These are places where they will find their favorites batfishes.

Balloon drifting with live bait is the most prefer method as this is the most relaxing way just let the guide do the rest.

Slow trolling with live bait, sight and cast, lure bait switching, casting surface lures, fly fishing are all common methods. In Rompin, fly-fishing following by lure casting is two of the most difficult and challenging sailfishing technique. You will surely see the sailfish surface to trail or even hit the lures but landed is another thing. This you have to try but make sure you get a steady hand and a strong heart to take adrenaline rush.

Sailfish is not the only species that one can find in Rompin coast, Juvenile black marlin, Narrowbarred mackerel, Permit, Barracuda, Cobia, Queenfish, Dorado, Threadfin/Diamond trevally, Golden trevally, Giant trevally, Spotted trevally, Garfish  are frequently caught.

Tackle advices

We at RompinSailfishing believe that guest anglers should travel light especially if you are flying from oversea. We will supply light and medium tackles, sabikies, surface lures, terminal rig at no extra cost but base on break and paid rule. Rod and Reel are from well establish brand Penn, Daiwa and Shimano. All our reels are loaded with fresh mono 30lbs or braid.
Anglers are welcome to bring along their own tackles if they want.below is a simple guild line for tackle in rompin.

1 trolling or boat rod 20-30lbs class with matching overhead reel with rachet for sailfish,
1 spinning outfit 12 lbs class for bait catching and simple bottom bouncing.
option extra spinning heavy outfit 25 lbs class for surface lure casting or sight casting.

Make sure all reels for sailfish has at least 250 metres.
Losing 100 metres on the first run is very common.

I will gladly supply all sabikies, hooks, sinkers, snaps, pilers, gambles, etc. to reduce your trouble of packing these small items.

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