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Captain C. M. Lam


Captain C.M.Lam has been fishing for almost his entire life. He has his Power boat licensed since 1989 and has the title IGFA Certified Captain/Guild in 2008. He has also a naui advance diver since 1984 , current member of Singapore recreation club ,Republic of Singapore yacht club and  formal member of the Malaya nature society.

He is known for starting a sport fishing charter fishing in Indonesia Sulawesi “Takabonerate Atoll” from 1989 to 1994, unfortunately, stopped due to difficult logistic supply. Nevertheless it was not the only location Captain Lam frequented. Spratly islands atolls in the South China sea is another of his favorite locations.

Captain Lam completed numerous international tournaments resulting in two Royal Pahang International Billfish Challenge IGFA 2010 and 2009, a 2004 IGFA offshore qualified cup Champion and many other tournaments placing and consolation.

With more than 35 years of non-stop sordid fishing, from shores, jetties, deep seas, lakes, rivers, he has gained all experiences from locations like Hawaii, Kona, Mexico, Baha coast, Australia NT, west and east coast, Indonesia, Sulawesi, Java and Malukus island, Thailand, Philippines, Maldives, Pakistan, Malaysia, Spratly islands and Japan.

Captain Lam favorite style is lure casting either light tackle in fresh water for giant snake head and jungle perch to medium tackle for sailfish, mackerel, dorado, tuna or heavy casting outfit for giant trevally, dog tooth tuna and yellow-fin Tuna.

It was in the late 70’s that Captain Lam first began to venture offshore fishing in east coast Malaysia. He has lead many tours to Tioman and Aur islands on fishing and diving trips in the early and mid 80’s thus began his experiences in organizing and leading fishing tour.

In 1998, he opened a tackle and charter center in Singapore with a joined partner. Their serious professional charter locations are mainly in Rompin, Spratly islands, Malaysia and Indonesia but sailfishing in Rompin is his favorite due to a close proximity to home and a wonderful fighting challenge sailfish providing. Casting surface lures for sailfish, a total of 32 sails were landed in 3 days by only 3 anglers on surface lures but the best is still couple years ago when 36 sails ware landed on 2 days  live- bait fishing. Bear in mine that when the action is hot its always the anglers wishes to stop fishing sails and target others species or go back hotel early to enjoy beers by the pool side. Who knows, we could have easy landing more…

Captain Lam is a strong supporter in catch and release, as he noted, the decline in fishing due to over commercial fishing and environment factor. Fishing billfishes in Kuala Rompin is strictly a catch and release, no compromise is entrained and fishing guides has the discretion not to allow the bill fish to be board for photo if he deem the sailfish too weak or injure and unable to survive after photo session. Please note that all sailfish photo sessions will last no more than 40 seconds.

Recent year, Captain Lam has been busy with mainly Japanese guests. He has done a couple of TV shoots with Daiwa since 2001 in Indonesia, Spratly islands and Rompin. The latest was in October 2008 with Japan Fishing vision with Shimano.  He has also appealed in Shimano Japan 07 catalog and Shimano steller demo DVD and many other Japanese and local fishing magazines. Captain Lam is also a contributor writer for Rod&Line magazine.








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