About Rompin

Situated at the east coast of peninsula Malaysia in the state of Pahang just border of Johor state. It is about 220 km from Singapore or 3 hrs drive, 250 km from Malaysia state capital of Kuala Lumpur or 4 hrs drive.

Rompin town


Kuala means an estuary in Malay language. As the name suggested, Kuala Rompin is located next to the Rompin river. This once slept village used to be well known for its watermelon plantation, blue pincer prawns and off shore commercial fishing. Now you can find convenience shops, 7-11, and even fast food Kentucky fried chicken.

Next to Kuala Rompin is one of the world’s oldest rainforest, the Endau Rompin national park. This 200-million-years-old jungle has many hidden flora and fauna including the endanger Malaya rhinoceros, tapia, sun bear, tiger etc. We can occasional spot wildboard frolicking near the hotel or a troop of long tail/pig tail macaque monkey by the roadside. A huge monitor lizard is also a common sight. Even the jungle bird, Pier Hornbill is commonly spotted.

About the fishing in kuala. Rompin


Fishing charter in Rompin, all started back in 1992 when a fisherman cum boat builder with his custom build 27 footer targeting golden trevally, diamond trevally, parrot fish, and cobia. It was about the time that Captain Lam first venture to this area. He has ever participated in annual Rompin sea festival-fishing contest in 1995.

Things had changed, now, most anglers are visiting Rompin for their sailfish trills but bottom bait and squid fishing are quite common too especially for those who have enough sailfish.

Sailfish was a rare sight before 1998, it was only after a strong al Niño weather pattern in 1997-98 that the sailfish first appealed in huge school. Was it the weather that brought sailfish in to this area, yet to be known?

At that time, sighting of sailfish or even accidentally hooking it was common. Thus prompted captain Lam and his partner to start a fishing charter operating under their own tackle shops. Together with other tackle shops, promoting sailfishing and educating the boatmen, crews and anglers about catching and releasing began. It was that action in 1998, sport fishing for sailfish in Rompin really started. Many many anglers have since fished under our charter including even others fishing charter in Rompin.  

Weather and Season

Peninsula Malaysia is situated near the equator belt as such abundant sunshine and warm weather make Rompin perfect for fishing adventure. Temperature can hit high of 35°C during the day and low of 25 C at night.
In the average, Rompin has most sunshine all round depending on cloud formation and monsoon winds. There are two monsoon seasons: Southwest and Northeast.
Southwest monsoon is from May to September but it does not affect Rompin coast much as we are sheltered by the mountain range; however, do expect occasional heavy downpour and strong windy condition.

Mid November to March is the start of the Northeast monsoon. This monsoon wind is particularly very strong and often brings strong rainfall to the west side of Malaysia. This season is not recommended for fishing in Rompin due to strong wind and choppy condition.

Sailfishing season in Rompin coast begins in late March until mid of November with peak hot season from August until November.



Our boats are all purposely build customized fiberglass 30-32 feet with twin outboard power engines and shaded with cruising average 20 kts, top 26 kts. They are equipped with fish finder, GPS and standard safety equipments, ice chest and heads, license to carry maximum 7 pax so fishing aboard with 4 anglers and a guide is a joy.



These boats are fast and very maneuverable which are important points when chasing down and landing billfish. Reaching FAD ground fast in the morning is also important. Morning is always special.

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