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Latest tournament, Captain Lam won the 2nd prize in the Royal Pahang Billfishing International Tournament (IGFA) 2012.

Congratulations to Captain C.M.Lam and his Team Odyssey mates Mr. Harvey Tan and Mr. J W Yap on their 1st prize winning in the Royal Pahang Billfishing International Tournament (IGFA) 2009 and 2010.

Special Report:
In November 2011, Captain Lam was off the southern coast of Sumbawa Island in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia and catched
the estimated 103-to-105 kg. sailfish. The sailfish was measured and released unharmfully. Congratulations on his wonderful catch!


If you are tired and need a holiday, why not come over and join us for a few days of sun filled adventurous sailfishing instead of a normal city tour and shopping.

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Indo–pacific sailfish - istiophorus platypterus - is one of the world most sort after sportfish, for its beauty, incredible fighting fitness match, breath taking high leaps, summersault and tail walking. Not forgetting the speed, this billfish is one of the world’s fastest fish with speed up to more than 110 kph clocked. If you have never seen a billfish tail dance or fishing line going off or arcing at a unbelievable speed then we guarantee you its going to make you awn and heart pumping fast.

Here in Kula Rompin, sailfish weight averages about 25-30 kg, over 40 kg is common this last two years and a couple of 50 kg. It will be both exciting and fun for families, friends, and colleagues to enjoy the sunny weather. Well! Look no further, you have come to the right spot. Welcome To Rompin Sailfishing Charter…The Sailfishing Paradise of the East.


At Rompin sailfishing charter, we are the first charter operator since 1998 and we assure you of our fully expert services in attending all your needs and requests.
All guests are staying in a three-star Rompin Beach Resort ( www.rbr.com.my ). A swimming pool is just at your hotel room doorstep. The hotel location is most convenient, situated just 5 minutes away from Rompin main jetty, restaurants, and eateries. Our dinners are all seafood catered.

Please feel free to contact us on further information you need.

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